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Share the Power of the Couple Checkup with a Group

The Couple Checkup has been designed for convenient and powerful use with groups of premarital and/or married couples. Small groups, churches, conference leaders, and even business are taking advantage of the powerful data gleaned by using the free group summary options within the Couple Checkup. Maximize the impact of your programs by assessing and concentrating on the real needs of your couples.

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Using the Couple Checkup Inventory with Groups

  • Voucher Codes can be distributed to couples so they can access and complete the Couple Checkup themselves, requiring almost no administrative oversight from leaders. Volume discounts are available on voucher codes purchased through the bookstore. You can also have couples pay online themselves with no voucher codes required.
  • The online Couple Checkup system can be accessed conveniently and privately from any computer, producing a report intended for couples to print, read and interpret themselves. The Couple Checkup report puts valuable and powerful feedback in the hands of your couples, priming them for feedback through your program.
  • Group leaders can access a free Summary Report on all the couples in their group, allowing the leader to concentrate on areas that need the most attention. Learn how a Summary Report provides powerful insights while respecting the confidentiality of individual couples. See the Group Leaders section of the Couple Checkup tool for more information on how to create and manage your groups.
    • Get a complete summary of your group
    • Identify the strengths and issues of couples in your group
    • Compare results for men versus women
    • Customize your program to match what your group needs
    • No extra charge to produce a group summary report!
    • View a Sample Group Summary here.

More Couple Checkup Resources for Groups

  • The Couple Checkup and Remarriage Checkup books are ideal for small groups, providing a springboard for nurturing relationships at all stages.
  • Based on national surveys of 50,000 couples, the books are driven by unprecedented research on what happy couples do to be successful.
  • The 10 topics covered in each book, (communication, sex, finances, etc.) compliment the inventory topics, providing thought stimulating content and additional exercises for group discussions.
  • Volume discounts are available on book purchases of 10 or more.
  • Each book comes with a free Individual Profile, allowing couples to upgrade to the full Couple Checkup for half price.
  • Two church-based, small group resources, designed for use with the books and inventory are available as free downloads: Couple Checkup Small Group Study Guide and Remarriage Checkup Small Group Study Guide.
  • A Group Leader’s Guide is available as a free PDF download. You’ll find helpful information on organizing a group and administering the Couple Checkup in a group setting.
  • The couple’s Discussion Guide is free companion workbook available to all couples who complete the inventory at You may print and duplicate this workbook ahead of time for use with your groups.

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