For Individuals

Empower Yourself by Discovering Your Strengths

A free voucher code is provided with certain books we distribute, allowing access to an online Individual Profile. The Individual Profile provides individuals the opportunity to understand their relationship and themselves on a deeper level. Whether you’re dating, living together, engaged, or married, the Individual Profile will automatically adjust the content to your relationship stage. Empower yourself and your relationship by discovering your strengths, and understand where you need to make new choices for growth.

Special Offer to Upgrade to the Full Couple Checkup

Once your Individual Profile is complete, you can print your individual report, but you can also upgrade your account allowing your partner to take the inventory and produce a full Couple Checkup Report that reflects how you both view the relationship. The cost to upgrade your account is $14.95 (50% off the regular price of $29.95 for a full Couple Checkup).

Where is my voucher code for the Individual Profile?

If you have purchased the Couple Checkup or Remarriage Checkup book, there is a voucher code inside the back cover-flap that can be used to access one Free Individual Profile.

If you have purchased the 10 Great Dates Before You Say “I Do” from us, there is a voucher code printed on the free bookmark included with your order.

Directions for completing your Individual Profile

Step 1: Go to the Couple Checkup – Get Started
Step 2: Review/Accept the Terms and Privacy Policy
Step 3: Enter your Voucher Code
Step 4: Enter your first name, email, and a password
Step 5: Complete your Individual Profile and print your report
Step 6: Follow the directions to add your partner by upgrading your account (optional)